Kevin O’ Donovan

Position: Vice Captain

Groups: Committee,


Weapon: Foil (ie. The Greatest Weapon)

Course: 2nd Year Computer Science

Other Clubs/Societies: UCC Sci-Fi Society

Hey everyone, my name is Kevin and I’m the treasurer for UCC Fencing Club. I’ve been fencing for one year now and I absolutely love the sport. If you’re like me and have always wanted to learn to sword-fight, or simply looking to try out something new, I would highly recommend dropping in sometime and giving it a go. My role in this committee will essentially be to act as the banker for UCC Fencing Club for this academic year – and as we all know, bankers are cool. While I am treasurer, my responsibilities will include overseeing club finances and also providing high-interest short-term loans on the DL (Don’t tell Lillias). Aside from fencing, my other hobbies include time efficiency, excessive use of sunglasses, and Disney Karaoke.

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