Ciara Parry

Position: PRO

Groups: Committee,


Weapon: Foil (of course)

Course: 3rd year Genetics

Other clubs/societies: Sci-Fi, Gensoc

Bio: Hey guys, I’m Ciara and I am your PRO. I’ve been fencing for about two years (goodbye novice competitions D:) and I absolutely love it. As Public Relations Officer I’m in charge of things like social media, posters/graphics, and most importantly, organising the social events! Fencing is a very tight-knit community, the club is like a family and we’re quite close with the other fencing clubs across the country too. If you think you’d enjoy travelling around the country to skirmish with other sword wielding people, you should give it a try! Other hobbies of mine include video games, dungeons and dragons, and playing that funky bass, boi.

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