One of the original Olympic sports, Fencing is an exhilarating sport using bladed weapons. Modern Fencing is fast, athletic and exciting.

The objective is to score as many points on your opponent as possible by touching them with the point of your blade. Score is kept using electronic scoring equipment with the help of a referee.

There are 3 weapons used in the sport of Fencing:


A light thrusting weapon that targets the torso, foil is the longest established of the three weapons, with origins dating back to the mid 17th Century. Foil is the most flexible of the weapons, making it an ideal choice for beginners as skills learned in foil can be applied to both Épée and sabre. Points can only be scored by hitting the opponent with the tip of the weapon on the torso. Hits to other parts of the body, or with the side of the blade are not counted.


A Light cutting and slashing weapon which targets the whole body above the waist, excluding the hands. In sabre, hits may be scored by touching the opponent with the edge of the blade as well as the tip. Known for its explosive attacks, sabre is a fast-paced and exciting weapon. UCC is honoured to have one of the foremost sabre coaches in the country, who has led several UCC sabreurs to national and international success.


Épée, the youngest weapon is possibly the most realistic as it allows points to be scored by hitting anywhere on the body. Épée is the heaviest of the three weapons and UCC excels in Épée, as it is lucky enough to have several international Épéeists in its ranks who are extremely enthusiastic to pass the sport on to beginners.